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Accelerate the design
and Insertion of non-CRM hard Materials for Next generation

EXTreme applications (AIM-NEXT)

HORIZON-MSCA-2022-DN-01 – MSCA Doctoral Networks 2022

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By participating in the AIM-NEXT project, 10 Doctoral Candidates (DCs) will receive top level interdisciplinary, intersectorial and international training. The combination of technical and transferrable skills acquired by the DCs will enhance their employability and open up solid career opportunities to them, within a field where skilled PhDs are currently an extremely scarce resource.

The AIM-NEXT project arises from the common need of European academy and industry to educate and train the next generation of experts in the field of “Sustainable Design of Material Solutions for Engineering Applications”. Here, it is particularly implemented for accelerating the insertion of new Hard Materials tools and components, manufactured using non-critical raw materials, in three key industrial sectors: mining, manufacturing and construction

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